My new job: Neo Technology

I am happy to announce that I will start working at Neo Technology, provider of the best Enterprise NOSQL solution I know of.

There are a couple of reasons why Neo Technology made perfect sense for me as my next job. I’ve known Emil and many of the other guys in the team for a long time, and really like what they’re doing. For storing domain models I have always thought that NOSQL solutions in general is the way to go, and Neo4j specifically seems like a really great fit for that purpose. The data model just makes perfect sense when you want to back an OO domain model, with its focus on nodes, attributes and relationships, which is the same concepts that we work with in the domain model.

But there are many possible technologies in the NOSQL space that potentially could be used for that. What I like about Neo Technology is the focus on Enterprise NOSQL, meaning not only do they provide a good quality product that covers a wide range of use cases, but they also have a great team that provide support in the field, to understand customer needs, and to provide devops with the tools they need to run it in an enterprise environment. This is where I think NOSQL solutions will be “sorted out” in the next round, and I intend to help Neo4j become the best in this. With the recent announcement that Rod Johnson joins the board, I think Neo is prepared for greatness.

My first focus will be to help out in the community, providing support and understanding user needs and problems, as well as help ironing out whatever bugs they find. The past two years I have been working with Systems Thinking, and my experience is that the feedback loop that customer support provides is essential to provide the organization with the information they need to continue improving the product in the right direction.

So, a big shoutout to the Neo crew and family! I’m happy to be onboard.


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3 Responses to My new job: Neo Technology

  1. Justin Forder says:

    Hi Rickard

    That’s amazing! Last year I went to Jim Webber’s and Ian Robinson’s REST tutorial at QCon – talking with Jim afterwards I heard he had used Neo4j and had been very impressed. Then at this year’s Domain-Driven Design eXchange I met Jim again and found that both he and Ian had moved to Neo Technology. You will be in good company (and so will they).

    Have fun!


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